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Botox victims around the world are filing and seeking settlements for their injuries. Millions of dollars in settlements have been awarded. Featured today, are two of the most well known settlements that have been awarded to Botox victims.

The first and most well known, was a Virginia man Douglas Ray. Ray was treated by Botox medically for a tremor in his hand. He was awarded the largest settlement to date of $212 million for permanent injuries due to off-label usage. Please read the details of his lawsuit and settlement here: Allergan Ordered to Pay Virginia Man $212 million in Botox Lawsuit

The second an Oklahoma City OB/GYN, Dr. Sharla Helton. She developed botulism after receiving cosmetic Botox injections. She was awarded a settlement for $18 million. You can read the details of her lawsuit and settlement here: Botox Victim Wins $18 Million

Both of these victims are just two of the many lawsuits against Botox manufacturer, Allergan. Their lives have been permanently altered as a result of using Botox injections. Evidence was clearly proven in Dr. Helton's case that Allergan knew about the dangers of contracting botulism as a result of Botox. Evidence was clearly proven in Ray's case that Allergan did not educate his physician on the dangers of using Botox for off-label purposes.

We ask you today to seriously consider these two cases as specific reasons to never use Botox for medical or cosmetic purposes. The information in this post was gathered using the two articles listed above. All attributions and credit goes to the original authors of the articles.


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