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The following is one of the best reports of Iatrogenic Botulism that we have seen. It was filmed by Nova TV, Croatia. We would like to commend Nova TV Croatia, for their time, energy and talent in creating this film. They are brave to be one of the first networks to release a film like this.

We would like to mention that the following film will be difficult for sensitive viewers to watch, and for people currently experiencing illness. Therefore, please proceed watching with caution.

We wanted to post it for educational and awareness purposes only. We want to help spread the word to people currently using or considering Botulinum injections, that they are in great danger. For those of you already suffering, we want you to know that you are not alone.

Our hearts truly go out to the all of victims in this film. We want to thank the original poster on YouTube, for uploading it. She is also a victim, and appears in the film Maria Bajo.

Botox and Dysport Iatrogenic Botulism Documentary- By Nova TV, Croatia



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My name is Gretch. I spend my free time studying botulinum and working with Iatrogenic Botulism sufferers. I have learned a lot and want to share what I have learned with you!

I have also been lucky to build friendships along the way with amazing people. The Botox Dysport Side Effects Support Group on Facebook is near and dear to my heart. They have been a huge support system and have taught me so much! 

I'm glad that you are here! I hope you found us *before* deciding to inject.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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