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The Never Tox Story

Hello! I want to welcome you to Never Tox. I am happy that you are here!


Never Tox has tall mountains but high hopes to reach many people worldwide to warn them about the dangers of botulinum injections. Every person that visits this website matters. So thank you! Never Tox can't raise awareness without YOUR help!


Never Tox began by best friends & sisters- Heidi, Gretch & Sam. Six years ago, Heidi had 30 units of Botox for forehead lines, and became extremely ill. Her full story can be found on the Never Tox blog.


Sam (we like to call her the wise one) never even considered using Botox. She is an intense thinker and has the ability to see future problems before anyone else does. She is also a deep feeler and always had a “bad” feeling about injections.


Whereas, Heidi and me (Gretch) often talked about the “when we get Botox” days and how it would make our faces much younger and smoother. I completely looked forward to it and was on the verge of setting up my own appointment when Heidi fell sick.  

It could have just as easily been me that day. This is Gretch, I run Never Tox and have invested my free time to raising awareness about the dangers of Botox injections. I am a stay at home mom, blogger, Instagram meme maker, and confidant for many. I am also an Admin for the Botox Dysport Side Effects Group on Facebook. I was asked to join the team two years ago and I have advocated for Botox illness sufferers one-on-one ever since. This has lead me to devoting my life to botulinum toxin patient safety and informed consent.

A little bit more about me: I have always been a natural researcher and I take the role seriously to help my family and others. I’m a former high school food science and human behavior teacher. I also worked as an educator in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I am one of those people who has an insatiable desire to learn, understand, and critically think about specific material, whether it be additives in our food, cosmetic ingredients, health and wellness, or just why people do what they do.


I have spent countless hours reading and learning about botulinum toxin, human nature, and medical microbiology. This is just how I am built, I truly enjoy it!


I’m sure you may be wondering then why, would I even consider getting Botox? For me, in the beginning it came down to manufacturer supplied studies, and outlined risks in percents. Like anything else, experiencing a negative side effect from having Botox was at most- a "small" risk. Then, add in my desire to look more youthful, lead me to disregard and not dive deeper into the safety profile of botulinum toxin. However, if I knew then, what I know NOW- I would have NEVER even considered it.


Just to give you a small preview of what you will learn here..We investigate the safety profile of Botox. There is evidence to suggest that crucial information has been edited out of the warning label over the last 20 years. Botox’s manufacturer has worked hard to keep specific information under wraps by either removing it, or downplaying it with misleading narratives and confusing terminology. Botox has also paid millions of dollars in criminal fines for illegally marketing off-label use. They have also paid millions in fines to people who have been severely injured or have died. Also, Botox's clinical trial groups during FDA approval were TINY! Tiny trials and yet approved for millions.

I hope that you will dive into all of the information available on our website, Instagram page, YouTube channel and sister Facebook support group. As for Never Tox's online presence, I primarily run it solo since my ladies have other commitments, but I want you to know that their voices are here! I’m always bouncing ideas off of them for the page, and picking their brains about how to reach more people. You may see or hear from them a bit here and there!

To conclude, Heidi, Sam and I have made a life long commitment to Embrace Our Age, and Be Botox Free! We hope YOU will too! We feel strongly that no amount of temporarily smoothed facial lines is worth ruining your health! 


Lastly, I want you to know that I LOVE it when our inbox gets filled up with many questions or comments. Please don’t be shy, JUST ask. I love to talk about so many, things- Never Tox or not. Seriously! :)


Then, if you believe that you have been injured from Botox, please contact me below. I will get you into our Facebook support group to help get you imperative information that you will need to help you heal. 


Whether it is through Never Tox or the BDSESG on Facebook, there is always someone available to help or listen.


Please reach out!

- Gretch

"Beauty appreciates not depreciates. It grows, not fades. Beauty is not just something that you are born with. Beauty is something you grow into." 
- Cameron Diaz
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